euforia's ultimate guidebook

A guidebook for welcoming you into the euforia universe and to help you navigate your (hopefully very long) journey with us!

Hello my dear!

YES, I am talking to YOU. Do not look behind your back, you are the only one reading those lines right now. If you hold this guidebook in your hands it can mean two things:

1) You are really interested in discovering all of euforia's secrets and its magic way of working (if this is the case read directly below "How to use this guidebook")

2) You are now part of euforia whether as a volunteer, an intern, a booster, a trainee or a staff member...


You must be super euphoric. Celebrate my friend celebrate because just like giving birth after it happens, then comes the serious stuff. Oh yeah !

No, don’t leave.

I don’t mean to scare you. it’s just a kind warning. In order to function, any sort of association or organisation needs some rules and euforia is no exception.

In order to understand how to work at euforia, you will attend an introductory session. At the end, your kind integration coach will be like: « Did you understand everything ? Is everything clear ? » And you will be like « Oh yes! a lot of stuff but I mean I can make it » while really thinking « Oh my ******, what the f**** ? ». And then of course the kind responsible will be like: « If you have any questions feel free to ask, we are here to help you (« smile »)» and you will answer « Yes of course ! I will don’t you worry ! » but actually you are like « Well I can sort it out. I mean there’s Google ».Come on, we ALL do that (even if we don’t want to admit it).

Imagine this situation.You are responsible for a task: Please create a google sheet summarising past years Unleash PAX data. Ok no problem easy. And suddenly you are like I do not know how to use google sheet because you only used your google email address to send emails right. Now you discover there’s much more things to do with it. It’s like discovering a new planet. So you go on a google → You type: how to create a table on google. Don’t worry, that’s a 21st century human being normal behavior.

However you are lucky. Why? Well because you have this guidebook which means that all the questions that might pop-up in your head regarding euforia’s structure, strange vocabulary, weird meetings, strange people, dogs and kids, ways to work, all this…(you know) you’ve got all the answers compiled in a one and only document. Hallelujah !

So now, take a cup of Club Maté, sit comfortably on a couch, put some cozy music on and dive into the wonderful world of euforia.

How to use this guidebook ?

This gitbook isn’t about fringe benefits or how to set up your workstation or where to find pens. euforia works in ways that might seem counterintuitive at first. This handbook is about knowing euforia’s working culture in order to better navigate it.

1) If you are just interested in discovering the way euforia works, the only thing we want to say is ENJOY! Enjoy diving into everything that we are: bold, professional, playful, self-managed, extremely organised & incredibly daring to try out new things even when everybody say it doesn't work. Funnily enough this gitbook wasn't conceived to be shared with many people outside of euforia...until it actually happened that many many people got very interested in the way we work because it is apparently extraordinary! That made us very proud and happy, reason why we have decided to share it publicly. Please after having a look at it feel free to share it with people around you that might be interested, we will be forever grateful. There are 2 main parts. The organizational level chapters (1) will help you understand how euforia functions, what is the architecture of our world. The Individual level chapters (2) are all about our people: how to help them walk into this e-world serenely, how to flourish and develop in their roles, it's full of tools to support for personal and professional growth.

Ready? Set? GO!

2) If you are starting your journey at euforia this guidebook is about the choices you're gonna be making and how to think about them. Mainly, it’s about how not to freak out now that you’re here. You dont have to read the whole guidebook, it's up to you (just as everything is at euforia, remember our principle? you get what you give).

There are 2 main parts. The organizational level chapters (1) will help you understand how euforia functions, what is the architecture of our world. The Individual level chapters (2) are all about YOU: how to walk into this e-world serenely, how to flourish and develop in your roles, it's full of tools to support your personal and professional growth. You'll notice the information is located in different places: some is here in this gitbook, some tools are linked to online documents, some resources are books or websites, and for those who have a more intuitive way of uncovering stuff, there is also a mindmap with many of our knowledges assets (accessible only to employees). And of course, you are surrounded by lovely human euforiancyclopedias, your collegues.

Not a single word is written in stone, so any input is more than welcome! Once you’ve read it, help us make it better for other new people :) Use the "Create a change request" button on this site to suggest new sections, or ask to change the existing ones or add something to the Glossary.

Just like a baby learns to stand, then crawl, then run, these are the very first steps you need to take in order to integrate and operate efficiently in euforia’s work environment. This part is about your integration into the euforia’s culture.

Ready? Set? GO!

PS: if you just started working at euforia please request the access to the drive if you don't have it yet ;)